5 Essentials to Electrify Your Inner Witch

5 Essentials to Electrify Your Inner Witch

Happy October, Lyons! Sam here to share my essentials for this spooky season. An avid lover of all things mystical, magical, and other-worldly, I have bold brands and products to share that are great additions to your witchy inventory.

I sadly do not reside in classic New Orleans, but I am sure of the magic within the city amplified at this time of year. Halloween is a favorite of mine and not always in the conventional ways, although I love a cheesy Scream marathon. This is a magical time on earth where the veil between worlds thins and we are prone to more spooks and spells that can be life changing in the best ways. While the moon is always going through her monthly phases, this October we have a special Supermoon Full Moon on the 27th. I wanted you to be as prepared as possible with a little help from the Lyons Den. Here are 5 must-haves for the season!

First is an item to add to your self-care regimen immediately! Smoke Perfume’s ‘New Moon Cypress Body Oil,’ handcrafted in New Orleans and inspired by the magic and care of essential oils. This all-purpose body oil is organic and infused with two moon cycles. Powerful, potent, pretty—looking and smelling! We love how this looks on our altars and dressers amongst feathers, stones, and beautiful jewelry.

porter lyons smoke perfume new moon cycle body cypress essential oil
Smoke Perfume’s New Moon Cypress Body Oil

Cypress leaves are an amazing ‘plant ally’ for your overall health. This body oil includes plant healing amplified by the power of the moon and we are obsessed! Every goddess needs this on deck.

Bonus: Check out Porter Lyons’ Instagram for a giveaway with Smoke Perfume. You can win Porter Lyon’s L’oeil De La Terre Earrings (before the collection is revealed) and Mimosa & Tourmaline Flower Essence from Smoke Perfume. Sounds heavenly! The winner is announced this Wednesday, so don’t procrastinate.

Our second must-have is Porter Lyons Limited Edition Marie Laveau I.D. Bracelet. Porter Lyons’ entire Voodoo Collection is about celebrating the ‘mysticism, magic, and expansiveness’ of Voodoo itself as something that is a deep-rooted part of New Orleans and it’s vibrant history and culture. As the website states, “Porter Lyons is inspired not only by a desire to document culture, but also by an insistence to share and preserve it.” This bracelet makes a sincere statement to preserve culture inspired by one powerful woman and her mission to heal and connect.

Limited Edition Marie Laveau I.D. Bracelet
Limited Edition Marie Laveau I.D. Bracelet

This bracelet is recommended for every witch, and of course can be worn at this time of year for even deeper resonance and channeling of “The Voodoo Queen,” who inspired and and healed many. Three X’s mark the back of the bracelet to bring the wearer good luck. Combine those wishes with this bracelet and October’s Supermoon for extra power. Create wisely, witches!

Next up is an irresistible feature from Crystal Cactus. Founded by Audrey Kitching, this delicious online store is made of crystals, soul, and magic, with a little twist of pop culture and fashion. Created in NYC, we thought the Crystal Candy Box was the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations and for future use. Not for eating, but this box provides candy for your soul: great healing and protecting vibrations from a wide range of crystals that each have their own purpose. Even better, the crystals are cleansed and programmed before they’re on their way to you! Make sure you keep them happy through various cleansing and charging methods. For example, they love to bathe in sun and moonlight, and this month’s Supermoon is perfect.

crystal cactus candy box gift present colorful holistic medicine healing vibration
Crystal Cactus Candy Box

We thought why not treat yourself a little more, with their Good Vibes Spray. Infused with crystals and purifying essential oils, this spray is beneficial to keeping your energy cleansed and vibrating high during this thinly veiled time. While you’re on the website, make sure you check out their studio space. We’d love to spend a day creating in there!

For the fashion-forward we proudly present Teeki’s Blue Moon Hot Pant. With these pants, we are inspired to flow like the ocean to the moon’s tides like the organic women we are. Want to wear the moon for the Supermoon this month? ‘Surrender to the flow’ with these eco-friendly, USA-made hot pants. Can you believe they’re made from recycled plastic bottles? Who would’ve thought your clothes could be as sustainable as your spirit?

blue moon yoga hot pants teeki leggings
Teeki’s Blue Moon Hot Pants

These leggings are great for yoga or any other exercise, a night out, or for surrendering to your relaxation time. Connect your mind, body, and spirit all in one and be comfy and cute while you do it. Dress these up with Porter’s Marie Laveau ID Bracelet if you’re feeling fancy. The color of the bracelet matches perfectly with the moon design on the pants. We’d tell you where they’re based, but they’re global. Feel free to roam the world in these blue moon beauties.

Photo via Instagram: thehoodwitch
The HoodWitch displaying a book from the Bruja Bookshop on her Instagram

For the literary witch we are excited to share The Hood Witch‘s fantastic ‘Bruja Bookshop.’ The shop contains unique books on the mystic: from Voodoo to numerology to tarot and other occult. Handpicked from the witch goddess herself, the inventory is only one book per listing, so if one goes, they are sold out. And they sell quickly. Take advantage of this enticing and one of a kind bookstore if one lures you in. If you’re looking to enhance your Tarot readings or dive into the mysteries of Atlantis and Astrology, this is the kitschy bookstore for you. Don’t forget to check out The Hoodwitch’s main shop for highly energetic crystals and cleansing tools such as sage and palo santo, and blog for information related to cleansing crystals, moon cycles, and more. Hailing from Seattle, she is truly one of a kind.

Have fantastic and safe holidays, tribe. Smell great, expand your spirit and mind with some great reading, and dress fabulously!

With well wishes for all your rituals and October celebrations,

Love & Lyons,

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Samantha Rose is a published writer based in NYC. Poetry and language are her true loves. Sam will be the first to guess your sun sign and talk past lives. Find her reading birth charts and exploring worlds in her free time. For her personal writing visit her blog!

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