• 5 Last minute Halloween Costume ideas

5 Last minute Halloween Costume ideas

Its that time of year again. You can already feel the sense of dread sinking in, desperately seeking a way to claw your way out of this horrific madness. It’s a fear not ignited by your standard goblin or ghoul. No, this is a fear that can only come from  not having a costume in time for the Halloween festivities. Luckily, Lyons Den has got you covered with some last minute costumes that can turn any pumpkin into a  New Orleans Party Monster.


1. Mime


The “Mime” is one costume that almost any girl that loves wearing black as much as I do can pull together in under an hour. Get out that striped shirt and black eyeliner and you’ve got yourself the dopest mime costume lickity-split. Extra points if you pair with black and white  Porter Lyons Voodoo Simbi Bracelet for that extra black and white  umph!


2. New Orleans Tourist


Put a spin on an overdone costume! I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the “tourist” get up, but why not add a little local flavor, Bourbon style. Grab yourself a Hand grenade and head over to Walgreens to grab a selfie-stick and some Mardi Gras beads. Jazz it up with one of Porter Lyons’ LSU Linebacker Necklaces. Just make sure you don’t get too drunk and start walking out in front of traffic like the rest of the tourists…



3. The Classic Scissors-to-Sheet Ghost


If I’ve learned anything from watching Beetlejuice every October since my youth well into my twenties, I know that you can never go wrong with a classic ghost costume. Not only is it the cheapest costume to make, it’s also the most time efficient. Just make Sure you go all out with what you accessorize with. I suggest a rad pair of high tops and a Porter Lyons Believe In What You Wanna Ring.


4. Wednesday Addams


Take it from the original bad girl, Wednesday Addams, that a black babydoll dress and braids never go out of style. This is a dress that should probably be hanging in your closet anyway. Not just for Halloween, but really any weekday would suffice. Give the dress a little edge by adding in some black lipstick, Porter Lyons’ Mississippi Snake Ring or the Raven Feather Choker.


5. Femme Fatale.


We’ve all heard of lady killers, but let’s stress that this Halloween it’s lady-killers. A.K.A don’t mess with these Femme Fatales. Super easy to make, this costume really requires your best red lipstick and some fake blood. Take an old dress from the back of the closet, cut some holes, and paint the town red! I suggest adding some super edgy accessories like the Porter Lyons Barbed Wire Bracelet and some blood red nails to really make the costume a killer.

Don’t just turn necks this Halloween, break them! You’ve got a solid 4 days to hit the ground running to make this Halloween the most ghoulish yet. Head over to our Porter Lyons Polyvore page to get the details on our favorite last minute costume ideas.

Love & Lyons,


Julianne Merino

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Julianne Merino is an artist and published writer with ART+DESIGN Magazine and LyonsDenBlog.com with a concentration on arts writing. Winner of the Frederick Whitaker Foundation Award for excellence in painting, she also teaches printmaking at New Orleans Glassworks & Printmaking Studio, as well as works music festivals around the country.

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