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When Gabrielle isn’t writing or traveling the world, she’s gallivanting around her hometown of New Orleans as her friends’ “yes woman.” She enjoys daily afternoon naps with her cat and trying out a new brunch place every Sunday after church. Cheese and waffles (but not together), and golden sunsets are a few of her favorite things.

  • Love your process, Lyons

Love your process, Lyons

As a new year approaches, I can’t help but think of the many failed resolutions I’ve attempted throughout the years. From eating clean to living a simpler lifestyle without technology, I’ve given up on each of them. Why is it that on the first of January countless people are pumped up about their New Year resolutions, yet, by the end of the week almost all of the formerly eager participants have already forgotten their goals?


It has everything to do with vision and loving your process. When you lose sight of where you’re headed it’s far too easy to lose your way. When I forgot why I was eating clean I drove straight off course to Pizza Domenica. Similarly, when we lose sight of the vision purposed in our lives, we step into unknown territory full of challenges.

In the midst of these adversaries I forget to love the process of the tests and wonder why I’m not seeing my goals come to fruition. The moment I take a step back from myself and realize the bigger picture, I can’t help but feel grateful over the fact that I’m being matured in this season before I can enter into the next one.


We’ll never see goals come to life if we continue to give up after every failed attempt. We must persevere in order to see results. As the clock strikes midnight this New Year, let’s make a resolution to love our process so that we push forward victoriously in our vision and our resolutions. And hey, why not motivate yourself with adding a new piece of jewelry to your collection once you reach your goal?



Love n Lyons,

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  • What is life? Creative Creature: Josh Hailey

What is life? Creative Creature: Josh Hailey

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  • A Lyons guide to Christmas in New Orleans

A Lyons guide to Christmas in New Orleans

*Cue Louis Armstrong*



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Skeletons in your closet

Skeletons in your closet

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Small businesses geaux big for Saints season

Small businesses geaux big for Saints season

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Andi Eaton: From her roots to her rise

Andi Eaton: From her roots to her rise

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