Small businesses geaux big for Saints season

Small businesses geaux big for Saints season

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I don’t really like football. I enjoy the social aspect of it – tailgating or sitting around a television with some friends pretending like I know what’s going on. I act excited when they cheer, fake mad when they yell at the screen. I’ve got the whole façade down.

Side note: I’m completely interested in learning to love football if there’s anyone out there who cares to teach me the rules so that I can actually understand what I’m pretending to watch.

Growing up with my brother who is a football fanatic (and yet has never taught me a thing about the daunting sport, thanks big bro…) and spending so much time with my bestie who just so happens to be an NFL cheerleader, I’m constantly surrounded with the enthusiasm that comes along with football season. Football games, parties, talk etc. are inevitable in my life. I can either be clueless in the midst of it or I can discover my niche.

I’ve learned to find my enjoyment in football season through the team inspired fashion. I’m not talking t-shirts and paraphernalia. Growing up in New Orleans means I’m surrounded by Saints fans who bleed black and gold. I love this because those are in my opinion the best team colors and even though I may not know what’s going on in the game most of the time, I’m definitely a Who Dat. When I know game day is on the horizon, I have a blast concocting an outfit inspired by my teams’ colors.

When football season is in full swing, I play my part in cheering on my home team by supporting my hometown. Whether you rep the black and gold or another team’s colors, do it by supporting your community’s small businesses. You’ll not only have a big impact on your fan fashion but a more meaningful impact on your local economy.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces for showing my local black and gold love:





The Elizabeth Chronicles gold YALL tank can be paired with black jeans and layered gold and hematite bracelets. If you really want to get sentimental, opt for the Porter Lyons ID bracelet and take New Orleans with you everywhere you go.




Team Nola

May we all take a moment to mourn the loss of my long brown tresses that have been transformed into a blonde lob. But that’s a different blogpost for another day. These team nola t-shirts are created by local foxy gal, Tiffany Napper. Click on over to her site to snatch up one of these super cozy, chic T’s.

FlyingFox Leigh Crossbody/ Porter Lyons Backbone Cuff/ Larsson & Jennings Watch

And let’s not forget about our stadium regulated bags. There are two local (to New Orleans) companies with stylish options for your in-dome game days. Pictured above is one of the many Flying Fox NFL approved bags and pictured below is The Clearly Mad Crossbody by Madly-Yours.

Madly-Yours Collection Clearly Mad Crossbody/ Porter Lyons Snake RADA Bangle


The Elizabeth Chronicles “On Sundays” Tee

Your creativity can go far beyond your clothing options. You can get inventive and mix metals to show off your favorite jewelry pieces – just another perk of routing for a team that sports black and gold. Ashley Porter, creative mind behind Porter Lyons, shares her game day inspiration with us below.



I may not actually know what all the technical play chatter is about but we’ll take it one step at a time.

Love & Lyons,




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