• Chakra Adornment 101

Chakra Adornment 101

Happy New Year, Lyons!

With each new year comes new opportunities, new growth, and new outlooks. It can also come with a side of pressure; The pressure to make this year better than the last and to accomplish everything we didn’t the previous year. Regardless of times and dates, I am a firm believer in self-care of all areas.

Each of us is a powerful source of divine energy encouraged to illuminate earth with our individual lightness! How do we do that? Well, first I would tell you to consult your intuition. Secondly, I am here to give a brief introduction to the chakras.

Turquoise/Gold Agate Earrings
Turquoise/Gold Agate Earrings

Chakras are talked about often. They are connected to physical parts of the body, although they are not physical parts themselves. Chakras are a part of us energetically and a part of our everyday lives. Not something trendy to be taken too lightly, although you can exercise them in fun ways.

There are seven chakras throughout our body, stretching from the crown of our skulls to the tips of our tailbones. Yoga is also a great way to keep these balanced. My favorite American Yogi, Adriene, often talks about the importance of spinal alignment. “Head over heart, heart over pelvis,” she says every time, and how the spine includes our neck. So, it’s interesting how the chakras move along our spines as well. Everything is connected! Maintaining chakra balance is a key to keeping us balanced spiritually and mentally. They can be overactive, balanced, or under active.

Eye of the Storm Necklace
Eye of the Storm Necklace

A way to keep chakras in balance when it comes to something like fashion and how we adorn ourselves is by wearing things that keep us aligned with those chakras. For example, the heart chakra’s color is green, and you can exercise that chakra and amplify it by wearing more green or keeping certain crystals on you such as rose quartz, the loooove stone.

Keep in mind that wearing the colors that match the chakras won’t do all the work. But after all, we are here to keep you fashionably connected, and I will show you to a piece of Porter Lyon’s jewelry that will keep each chakra a little more aligned and active. Now let’s get to the good stuff!

  • ROOT: foundation
    • Location: Base of spine/tailbone
    • Color: Red
    • PL piece: Backbone Cuff (or anything from the backbone collection!) to remember to stay grounded and to feel at home in your body. Love your body, self, and exude that love throughout!
      Backbone Cuff
      Backbone Cuff
  • SACRAL: emotions/sexuality/connection
    • Location: Lower abdomen/navel
    • Color: Orange
    • PL piece: Perfect Imperfect Pearl Necklace. Like us, pearls vary in size, color, and are each unique in their own way. This necklace can serve as a reminder to feel connected to your individual sexuality, emotions, and the rest of you.
      Perfect Imperfect Pearl Necklace
      Perfect Imperfect Pearl Necklace
  • SOLAR PLEXUS: confidence
    • Location: Upper abdomen/stomach
    • Color: Yellow
    • PL piece: The Deco Waterfall Choker is a sexy piece to boost confidence, and it’s gold! 6015gp_deco_waterfall_choker_gold_layered_chains
  • HEART: love/ability to love/self-love
  • THROAT: communication/self-expression


  • 3RD EYE: psychic ability/openness/insight
    • Location: Between eyebrows
    • Color: Indigo
    • PL Piece: Chicken Foot Protection Amulet — third eye needs tentative guarding at times. If you are sensitive to outer influences this necklace may help remind you to stand firm in your power.
      Chicken Foot Amulet
      Chicken Foot Amulet
  • CROWN: spiritual connection/wisdom/oneness
    • Location: Top of head
    • Color: Violet
    • PL Piece: Porter Lyon’s amethyst earrings, pendant (on sale!), ring, or all of the above — from the Voodoo Collection! Also the Eye of the Storm (pictured above) necklace — a gorgeous piece that is not only amethyst but can also remind you of your third eye chakra. Two in one!
      Amethyst Pendant
      Amethyst Pendant
    • Sidenote: Amethyst is a powerful stone that soothes the mind and emotions. It keeps us calm and has been linked to royalty — perfect for the crown chakra in that sense. It provides spiritual protection and clarity of the mind. Not only can you wear this beautiful crystal in fashion, but it also aids in meditation.

PS. Have fun with this chakra test to see which of yours need balancing along with the paired techniques to do so!

Love & Lyons,

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