Chic Cyclist: Bicycle Street Style

Chic Cyclist: Bicycle Street Style

We’ve all experienced it. You’re waiting for the walk signal at the corner downtown and then a streak of light catches your eye and comes to a halt at the intersection. There’s something effortlessly cool about a chic cyclist’s street style that makes you stop for that brief second and notice. Like a movie still, time slows down in order for your eye to register and there’s something slightly romantic in that moment- wind blowing through hair, whipping in and out of traffic. And then in an instant, ZOOM- they’re gone again and you’re left with a fleeting moment of fashionable sensibility.

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In the ever time-transcending French quarter, riding a roadster down the streets always makes me feel like I’m biking through decades.

The way you dress can really make or break a bike ride in New Orleans. From dealing with long skirts, humidity, or trying to defy a tropical storm (God knows how many times I’ve lost the train of my dress to my back wheel or looked like I went swimming rather than riding), you’ve got to match your cycle to your closet in order to strike a good balance of chic comfortability and attention grabbing flare.


Luckily for female bikers, this fall’s fashion emphasizes overalls and culotte shorts, and perhaps the influence of biking and fashion is mutual. In fact, bicycling during the turn of the century led to a fashion revolution of ladies leaving behind their pencil skirts for more practical bloomers in order to ride more comfortably.

More celebrities are opting for two wheels when hitting the city streets. I wonder how many brides-to-be opted for bikes over limos after retailer and music mogul, Solange Knowles and hubby Alan Ferguson, rode to their wedding at the Marigny Opera House in matching white jumpsuits and bridal-white bicycles adorned in flowers.

bicycle chic street style
Solange Knowles and Husband, Alan Ferguson, ride to their wedding at the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans.


More contemporary fashion is being inspired by a biking lifestyle. The streets of fashion weeks across the globe are trickled with two wheelers and fashion lines entirely dedicated to biking are popping up.

Out and about at Paris Couture Week
Culettes at Paris Fasion Week; Tommy Ton for

Hovding is the scarf-like airbag two Swedish industrial design students created in 2005 as a solution for riders who opted out of wearing helmets. This stylish solution is worn around the neck and expands around the rider’s head on impact, allowing people to ride and style and not compromise their safety.


Cycleland, a bike inspired fashion label from São Paulo, Brazil strategically combines fashion and function. The line features ventilated necklines, reflective coloring for visibility, and breathable protective textiles- taking comfort into consideration without compromising style. “We know that fashion has the power to influence people’s habits & attitudes,” says the brand creator, Naly Cabral in the interview with Momentum Magazine, “we include positive messages about the use of bikes so that more people can respect and admire this kind of transportation.”

bicycle chic street style
Copenhagen Fashion Week; Nabile Quenum for

What we can conclude when dressing for bicyle street style is that creative thinking in relation to comfortability is the best way to approach cycling in the city. Lyons Den is always looking to inspire creativity to the curious reader, and we challenge you to show us your best cycling get up. Send us photos of your most fashionably creative cycling outfit to and travel safely in style, Lyons!

bicycle chic street style
Check out our Polyvore page for how to get the Chic Cyclist look!


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