Julianne Merino

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Julianne Merino is an artist, writer, and full time firecracker. She can often be found printmaking at the studio, working a music festival in any given state at any given time, or mischievously plotting her next big adventure for an article. When she’s not doing any of those things for work, she’s probably riding her bike around New Orleans or painting brightly colored skeletons and sacred hearts for tattoo flash in her down time. You can see her paintings and writing on her instagram


Gabrielle Lewis

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When Gabrielle isn’t writing or traveling the world, she’s gallivanting around her hometown of New Orleans as her friends’ “yes woman.”  She enjoys daily afternoon naps with her cat and trying out a new brunch place every Sunday after church. Cheese and waffles (but not together), and golden sunsets are a few of her favorite things. Keep up with her adventures on Instagram and Twitter.